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Routine Services

-Pre Seasons

-Tune Ups


-Chain Case Oil Changes

-Clutch and belt inspections

-Greasing Chassis 


Vehicle Diagnostics

- We perform diagnostics to solve  whatever issue is holding you back  from having fun.


- With our diagnostics we provide a  quote with the parts and work that  is needed to get you up and  running. Once the quote is  approved we move forward with the  repairs.


- We love to play and also love to  educate people on simple tips and  tricks to keep their machines going  strong.


Accessary Orders and Installation

-Order your accessories through us!  We can get most any accessary for  your machine including suspension, wraps, performance, tracks, rails, storage and other various accessories.

-Installation: We can also perform installation for these accessories.


Horsepower Builds and Clutching

As a dealer for Bikeman Performance we offer:


-Clutching: Recommended for all machines, even stock. Proper clutching helps with belt slip which leads to HP loss and premature wear. It gives you better belt squeeze, thus putting power to the ground.

-Tunning: Through Torque Link we can tune your machine to add horsepower 

-Horsepower Kits: This includes Exhausts, Big Bores, and other accessories to make you grin ear to ear when you push the pedal down!


Deviant Ink Wraps

-Wrapping: We can help you design a wrap that makes your machine really stand out.


-Installation: We can then perform the installation of your wrap.


Introductory Avy Education

This is offered by one of our Employees/ owners. Levi Green is offering free indroductory avalanche education via email, text, phone calls, and social media. His goal is to help riders understand the signs, risks, gear, and where to further avalanche education.

Contact Levi for more info:


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Let us help you!

We want to help you accomplish your goals and have fun!

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